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Geoff Landon


Artist Geoff Landon has created acclaimed,original country music for over 25 years. As an entertainer, he has given audiences many nights to remember.  He is an award winning performer, highlighted by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry Vocalist of the Year. He has been called 'a human jukebox of vocal impressions'. His show is a roller coaster of powerful vocals and real stories. 

Whether it's my music or the timeless music in the show. I hope its 'your' music when I'm done. . -GL

A Husband, a Father, a Musician, . . . an Artist.


Geoffrey James Landon was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin*  on September 15th.   As a child, music surrounded his home. Three generations of musicians, organists, piano teachers, high school choir and band directors litter his family tree.  The eclectic mix of music in the household forged a musical background of The Andrew Sisters to Pink Floyd and John Mellencamp, and even to Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.


His father buys Geoff his first guitar. And throughout the 1980’s he began listening and preparing himself for a career in music. Maybe not even knowing it at first.


His musical background became more diverse as styles changed from the suburb grunge, to hip-hop to country roots. Watching his Uncle Mark’s rock band in the early 90’s gave Geoff a taste of bar and “honky-tonk” playing, and only fueled his fire to perform even more. Through it all, He graduated high school with band and choir honors, lettering in three sports.
Then came . . .


. . . Marine Corps . . . injuries would bring Geoff back home. He recalls the day he left, “ I saw this video, ‘Don’t Take The Girl’ for the first time, and knew I was meant to be a singer!” , Geoff explains, “Tim McGraw has been a major influence in my choice of music.”​


​Geoff began a series of stints in Nashville. Performing in The Wildhorse Saloon, The Broken Spoke Saloon and Writer’s Café, the “World Famous” Turf and Wade’s Hall Of Fame Bar. ​ Writing became more and more a part of his ​​​​ ​​strength in music. He learned his blue-collar approach from performers​ many lower Broadway Ave. performers and Hit Nashville writers! ​


Geoff cut a demo CD with ADG Nashville called “Clean Out Of Nashville”. 

Davis And John Jonethis worked with Geoff on the 10 song CD. And the conception of what become his "breakout" of music obscurity.


*(Birthplace of the guitar great Les Paul)




The creation of a band to perform around Wisconsin. Since then, Geoff Landon & The Wolfpack has become one of the top country bands in Wisconsin.​​​


Highway Run would be th title the first wsconsin sessions of original material. Out Fishin' became an anthem for wolfpack fans. "The learning lessons makig this CD were numerous!" -Geoff .   "The writing was very strong.  But recording was probably rushed." Geoff remembers. "My excitement to create something home grown put the musicians and I under alot of undo pressure."


With the band in it's 6th year of exsistence, Geoff wins WAMI* Male Vocalist of the Year

​2008​ ​

The recording of his long awaited 3rd album, A Little Faith. Featuring the songs ‘Be Like Tim’ and ‘Caught In The Undertow’ These Songs became the launching point for the usic to be available on itunes and  It lead to the Wolfpack WAMI Country Band of the Year back to back (2008  2009)

Geoff is continuing a successful career as an independent country music artist. ​

​*(Wisconsin Area Music Industry)

End of an Era

In 2015 After 14 years together the Wolfpack played their official last show together on December 19, 2015. The Lineup brought in names like Matt Vollmer, Steve Huebler, Brian Boehlen.  Many Like Sammy Ray Marshall now sport successful careers in the Wisconsin music industry and Nashville.  A few members would play together still at a number of shows with Geoff for years to come. 


Geoff would team with Brock Brander to from the Hodag winning country group, Branded. AIncluded were friends Rich Haning, Chris Okkerse, Stacy Hessil and Kylie Resch


This Year would find Geoff trying new things with the same flavor.  He joined Oil Can Harry for a year long run and made some rock and roll magic with the group.

Coming home to country music

Stetsin & Lace came calling in 2018, Geoff and  the band are playing regionally play favorite covers and originals in the Midwest


Acoustic shows, High Country and tribute shows.

Producing show that reflect the respect and appreciation of music Geoff has loved all his life.

His Story

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